Rev. Fr. Joseph H Pereira is the Founder and Managing Trustee of the Kripa Foundation, which is devoted to the care, support and rehabilitation of those affected by Chemical Dependency and HIV & AIDS. Since its inception in 1981 in Bombay, the Kripa Foundation has grown exponentially and forms a vital links to providing social stability in eleven Indian states through various multifunction facilities and also has association in other international locations in Europe, Canada and the USA.

Known to all as Fr Joe, and many others as “the Singing Priest”, he prefers not to highlight his academic qualifications of Masters in Psychology & Philosophy from University of Bombay, Licenciate in Divinity (Theology) from Bombay & Poona, Certifications in Counselling Theory & Practice (Carkuff Model) & expertise from the Hazelden Institute of Minnesota, USA.

Most cherished of all Academic achievements, is his decades of involvement with Yoga, first as a patient, pupil and practitioner, then in later years as a Certified Trainer and in recent decades as a friend, associate and an International Mentor of the Guruji B K S Iyengar School of Yoga, Pune. This involvement is so extensive that the holistic component of Kripa care has been strengthened by the gift of self knowledge through sets of Yoga practices developed by Guruji B.K.S.Iyengar. Fr Joe carries this message with him and delivers it to all who ask for it, during his national and international travels. These modules and his personal instructions and observations are delivered in a unique style that provides demonstration, learning and solace through the audio cassette titled “The Silence of the Spirit” and a video cassette titled “Living with AIDS'

Fr Joe is the National Co-ordinator in India for the World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM) and is the Author / published an audio CD " Wholeness and Holiness" , a Handybook/DVD titled " Yoga for the Practice of Christian Meditation", a Handybook/Audio CD "Learning to sit in Meditation: and an Audio CD "The Whole Person in Prayer"

Fr Joe is a Class A Trustee ( Non Alcoholic) of Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) in India.

Rev. Fr. Joe H.Pereira
Founder Managing Trustee

Fr Joe is an Adjunct Professor in Yoga Philosophy & Psychology at various Corporates,Schools,Indian Universities and Catholic Institutions amd Seminaries.

Fr Joe is the Consultant to the Archdiocese of Bombay for “Rehabilitation of the Chemically Dependent” and a Consultant-Member of various High Level Committees constituted by the Government of India, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment. He is a Member of the New York Academy of Sciences.

Between 1987 till 2015, various international workshops have been conducted by Fr Joe at Portland, Oregon and Hot Springs, California in USA and at Calgary and Toronto, Canada on Yoga. “Innovative Methods of Healing the Addict” and “Effectiveness of Yoga in Substance Abusers within the Kripa Model with the help of Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™”, were research activities presented at the Dharam Hinduja Institute of Indic Research at the Faculty of Divinity in University of Cambridge, UK.

Besides his seminars and workshops in Canada and the USA, Fr Joe conducts annual Seminars at The Black Forest Institute, Germany, Brazil, Zurich, Switzerland and at the Coolmine Therapeutic Community, Ireland.

Such a hectic schedule can only be supported by his extreme consciousness in personal practices and empathy and love for the socially marginalized. He constantly says that such commitment can only be through the blessings of great ones like Blessed Mother Teresa and Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar and his spiritual guide Rev Anthony D’Mello.

These perceptions and applications have resulted in various awards in the field of Drug Abuse Care, Health Sciences and Social Services like Priyadarshini National Award (1989), Perestroika Sanjeevani Award (1990), Anti Narcotic Council of India Award for best Establishment in the field (1994), Sahayogi Foundation Award (1995), Ati Vashisht Sewa Medal of the College of Chest Physicians (1997), International Yoga Journal Karamyogi of the Year Award (2003), Expert to the National Institute of Social Defence (Government of India) (2005) and Christian Chamber of Commerce Award for Excellence in the field of Social Work (2007). Awarded the PADMA SHRI in the field of Social Work by the Government of India (2009). Catholic Priest Conference of India (CPCI) National Excellence Award to Priest (2011). Lifetime Achievemnt National Award (2014) by an Outstanding Individual -Professional at the Hands of Hon'ble President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee.

Despite all this, Fr Joe is ever ready to listen to all who approach him. This includes the huge numbers of the general community, patients, clients of the Foundation in India and abroad and not least of all, his large organizational staff numbers, not less than 85% of whom are “wounded healers” in their own paths of recovery and spiritual growth.

Fr. Joe's Itinerary

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1st January
With Kripa Family of Vasai
8th January
Anniversary of Asha Daan Mother Teresa,'s Home
9th January
14th Januaryr
Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ Intensive, European and Chinese Group at Kripa Yoga Sanctuary, Anjuna
14th January
20th January
Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ Intensive North American Group at Kripa Yoga Sanctuary, Anjuna
21st January
At the Tata Mumbai Marathon
23rd January
30th January
Intense Yoga Workshop with Chinese Group
Blessing of Kripa at the Shrine of Infant Jesus.
7th February
8th February
Kripa National Conference for Counsellors
10th February
Workshop on the book "The spiritual paradox of Addiction"at Mount Carmels Church Hall.
15th February
Annual Mass for Eureka Fobes at Holy Cross Church ,Parel, Mumbai
17th February
Golden Jubilee of Maxine and PeterPaul.
19th February
23rd February
Addiction Counseling Pastoral Course for Deacons
23rd February
1st of March
Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ Intensive with Brazillian Yoga Group of Anna at Anjuna, Goa
March 2018
4th March
8th March
Australian Group for Christian Meditaton Workshop
13th March
15th March
At WCCM Retreat in Kottayam, Kerela
24th March
Baptism of the son of Rachel and Karan - Grandson of Mr. Vivek Goenka.
April 2018
3rd April
Meeting and Visit to the Shrine of Infant Jesus to commence Kripa rehabiitation Centre
9th April
14th April
Meditation with Yoga at Rishikesh
May 2018
4th May
9th May
ICAAD  in London
10th May
11th May
Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ in Surrey , UK
13th May
20th May

AA Retreat with Yoga- Meditation at Patmos

21st May
25th May

Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ Intensive at St. Peters, Frieburg

26th May
27th May
Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ Intensive at " The Yoga Place" withTanja and Joey Zurich
28th May
30th May
28th May
OPEN YOGA at St.Jacob Church, Zurich- 7.00pm
31sy May
2nd June
Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ Intensive at Bergellingen
June 2018
31st May
2rd June
Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ Intensive at Bergellingen
3rd June
5th June
Theraphy Yoga 1 , Bergellingen
6th June
8th June
Theraphy Yoga 2, Bergellingen
9th June
Celebrating Holy Eucharist with STAR SINGERS , St. Ulriche's Oflingen.
10th June
Meditation at St. Ulriche's Oflingen.
12th June
20th June
Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ Intensive in Poland
22nd June
24th June
Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ Intensive at Postdam, Berlin
24th June
At the birthday celebration of Bornaventure D;Souza, Oflingen
25th June
Return to Mumbai
July 2018
August 2018
15th August
Kripanite 2018
18th August
30th August
Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ Intensive in China
September 2018
1st September
Celebrating Kripa Pune Anniversary
11th September
Arrival in Toronto
14th September
16th September
Nova Scotia
Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ workshop, St. John's, Nova Scotia
17th September
19th September
Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ Workshop,Montreal
20th September
23rd September
Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ Workshop, Oakville, Toronto
24th September
27th September
Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ Workshop, Kelowna
28th September
30th September
Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ Workshop, Calgary
October 2018
3rd October
7th October
Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ , Yog Retreat , Moosejaw
9th October
14th October
Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ Workshop, Milwaukee
29th October
31st October
WCCM workshop on use of body for Meditation, Malaysia
November 2018
15th November
Departure to Australia
16th November
Arrival in Melbourne
17th November
18th November
Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ Workshop, Yaraviile , Melbourne, 9am to 4 pm
20th November
Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ Workshop at Karen's studio, Warrambool
22nd November
Addressing AA fellowship, Melbourne, 7.30 pm
23rd November
Departure to Sydney
24th November
25th November
Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ Workshop,Marrickville, 9an to 3 pm
25th November
Departure to Mumbai
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