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I Found my PAPA..

I Found my PAPA..

Hi my name is Ayesha, I’m 20 years old and I am a drug addict. I come from a very conservative and Orthodox family where religion was a must and I hated it. My parents were too occupied in their business and I was left in the hands of our care taker all through my childhood. The only times we really were together was on an outing, a holiday or a birthday party but that too would be intervened by my dad’s business calls. We could never call it a family gathering as there would always be differences between my parents.

I was first introduced to smoking when I was in class 11th, Wow! Superb feeling and soon got the taste of weed at the chill out all girls parties. This I was told by my friends. One thing for sure I would forget my home worries. I slowly noticed I had increased my smoking and actually could not do without it. Weed became a routine.

My Mother noticed that I hand lost weight and used to get aggressive at home, sleep late nights just breezing through TV channels. Academically I lost grades. Bunking college became a regular feature. Finally my parents came to know I was on drugs and were very furious, I cared a damn cause to me drugs was my best friend. I started going out for parties coming home late nights, not bothered what my parents would say. Drugs changed from weed to, Alcohol, to smack to MD and finally Meow Meow MDA. I started stealing and finally a time came when I was selling myself. A rude shock came to me when I realised that once I woke up and I with some men whom I did not even know? I was in some jungle farm house. I escaped from there and somehow managed to reach home. When my mother saw me, she fainted, and when she came around it was for the first time I felt sorry for what I was doing. I begged of her to give me a last chance and help me. My dad and mom brought me to Fr. Joe. I was first scared when I heard his voice, but the gentle words that he spoke were enough to know I was in right hands. He sent me off to the rehab of Kripa Pune which is the centre for females. The first two days was hell! However the doctors gave me medication that eased my withdrawals. The program looked too rigid for me to practice, but as the days went by I realised how beautiful life has become. Yoga and meditation was the best I liked and I realised that I could practice well.

Fr. Joe on his visit to Kripa Pune did not recognise me as I was looking better and more happy. He was happy to see me practice the yog asanas when he was teaching us in his yoga class. And said “You should be with me in Bandra to learn more Yoga” I was thrilled to hear that first time someone praised me …as it was always negativity. I cried because I knew I met my dad in him. Today I have been discharged and clean for 2 years. I regularly attend NA meetings whenever possible, and I keep in touch with Fr. Joe and my sponsor of my recovery program. I’m happy and work for a leading corporate firm. My boyfriend has come back into my life. But most important for me my Parents, I now realise how much they Love me. I’m Happy. The urge to use does come , but the wonderful recovery tools Kripa has taught, me gets me away from the stuff.  Finally I just want to say ‘’ Come in Guys, don’t hang out there life is beautiful without drugs. And MOM and DAD sorry for all the hardships I gave you both I was really a fool. Fr. Joe you Thanks…You are my “ PAPA JOE”