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Hi I’m Mary Jane (M.J). I started using cannabis at the age of 16 this was during my modelling times ,where I was working part time as a model .My forte was media and advertising that time I did an entire series of MTV graveyard shift ,where all the other teens were chilling out in there summer vacation ,I was earning my own money and least that I realised that was starting point of my addiction .later as I grew older it was family peer pressure also that added to my depression .i was never unemployed, I always had my career was on track with my finances backing me up to take care of vices .as time flew by marriage happened and supressed feelings started to emerge and things got even more worse .i used drugs for recreational as mine was always class A drugs which was expensive hence I had to make sure my finances were strong. 2013 was an eye opener where I met with an accident and hit my head ,this was on Christmas day morning I met with an accident by 7:30 am as I was returning back home somewhere In aksa and my friend who I had to drop also was down on the road and instantly his thigh bone was out of his body ,I passed out into a coma and after a while the cops were there and got me to a nearby hospital where the doctors said that they couldn’t find a pulse on me were about to send my body for my post-mortem but to their surprise later they found a pulse and I rushed to the ICCU . I was there for a month and more till I was treated it was this time at my rock bottom did I realised that God was my rock at my bottom. It was at this depressing and hopeless moment that Fr Joe ( who I fondly call pops) stretched out his loving arms and embraced me it was at this moment that I felt Gods true AGAPE love in pops. He welcomed me into his humble abode and helped me start  a fresh and anew . I know that it was God who send pops into my life to lift my spirits and transform my life to where I am now free from all addictions and for that I will be ever so grateful to him and here working In Kripa for 4 years sober I received which I want to share with everyone who is down and out in life … M.J

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