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Message from our Founder Trustee

Fr. Joseph Pereira

Kripa means ‘grace.’ Our foundation is based on the grace that helps individuals overcome their challenges and rediscover their dignity and worth. Healing is not just about addressing the physical symptoms. It’s about nurturing the mind, body, and spirit together. That’s the essence of our work at Kripa.  Addiction is a disease, not a moral failing. We need to treat it with compassion, understanding, and a comprehensive approach. Spirituality plays a crucial role in recovery. It provides individuals with the strength and hope they need to transform their lives. Our mission is to serve the most marginalized and forgotten in society. We believe in offering love and support to those who need it the most.

Recovery is not a journey that one undertakes alone. It requires the support of a caring community, which we strive to provide at Kripa. We aspire to continue expanding our reach, offering hope and healing to all those afflicted by addiction and HIV/AIDS, regardless of their background. The Kripa Model today is known all over the world owing to its uniqueness of Treatment. However, many wonder about its success and its growth that has made it a Global presence. There are components of this Model that have a blend of Science and Faith.

It has in its forty-three years of journey become a very effective and result oriented methodology.


Transforming Addiction into Hope

Kripa Foundation, a 43 year old largest NGO battling Addiction and HIV/AIDS. Empowering those afflicted and affected by chemical dependency and HIV/AIDS.

Affiliated to the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (MSJE). Kripa works relentlessly in the field of Addiction and HIV/AIDS.

It had its humble beginnings in a Church Annex in Bandra in 1981 with one Priest, an Alcoholic, a Doctor and 3 patients. Since then this Non-governmental organization has spread to 21 Centres all over India and Collaborative Centres in the West.

Our Services

The Kripa Foundation plays a vital role in addressing the challenges of substance abuse and HIV/AIDS in India. Its HOLISTIC APPROACH, combining medical care, psychological support, and spiritual guidance, has helped thousands of individuals reclaim their lives and contribute positively to society.


"For friends who do not know me, I would like to first briefly tell you that I have been suffering from this dreaded disease for the last 20 years and Innumerable Treatments at Rehab Centres and Hospitalizations were of no help as I latter realized that “The Program suggests the Path that we should follow which will change our lives and enable to achieve the sobriety that we need to live a whole life…"
A philanthropist
"Before coming to Kripa Foundation, my life was in shambles due to my alcohol addiction. I lost my job, my family, and my health was deteriorating rapidly. The comprehensive treatment program at Kripa, which included medical care, counseling, and spiritual guidance, helped me regain control of my life. Today, I am sober for three years, have rebuilt my relationships, and have a stable job. Kripa Foundation gave me a second chance at life."
Rajesh M.
"As a young woman battling drug addiction, I felt hopeless and isolated. The Kripa Foundation provided me with a safe environment and a structured program that addressed my physical and emotional needs. The yoga and meditation sessions were particularly transformative, helping me find inner peace and strength. I am now pursuing my education and have a renewed sense of purpose. I am forever grateful to Kripa for helping me rediscover myself."
Anita T.
Project Coordinator
"I struggled with addiction for over a decade, during which I contracted HIV. I thought my life was over, but then I found Kripa Foundation. Their holistic approach, combining medical treatment for HIV, addiction recovery, and mental health support, saved my life. The staff treated me with dignity and respect, and I found a community of support that I had never experienced before. I am now healthy and living a fulfilling life, free from the chains of addiction."
Sunil R
Field Assistant

Protecting and Helping addict patients, who are suffering around us.


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Active Philanthropists

Oct 24, 2021
By Admin

Raised : Rs.12,715 / Goal: Rs.24,000

March 24, 2021
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Raised: Rs.15,715 / Goal: Rs.24,000

Feb 24, 2021
By Admin

Raised: Rs.20,715 / Goal: Rs.24,000

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