Volunteer with KRIPA

We are extremely thankful for the people who dedicate their monetary help and their time to Kripa Foundation. Our addiction recovery services would not be as fruitful without the provision of the local communities who believe in the work we do. Monetary donations are tremendously helpful to keep our facilities successfully running, however you can also consider giving the gift of your time to our Foundation.

Give your time

The most meaningful gift one can ever receive is one’s time.  It’s the most valuable of all gifts.
Every person has skills, talents, and experience that can help our facilities stay focused, effective and operational.
An investment of your few hours a week or month can offer additional support for our staff members and those in our addiction recovery programs. Your time spent on volunteering has an optimistic impact on many lives.


How you can help Kripa Foundation

Each of Kripa’s facility needs volunteers to handle various tasks, depending on their location, centre, and services.

Working in the admin office

You are volunteer for a few hours to assist with various administrative tasks like filing, making copies, scanning and more.  This kind of work too is greatly esteemed.

Mentoring students

Do you have a willing heart for helping those going through drug and alcohol recovery? You can consider becoming a mentor. Contact your local Kripa Foundation location for more information on requirements and qualifications.

Part of our Children’s Project

We offer both residential and non-residential recovery programs. A few hours a week to spend with the children in our programs, will offer them with the prospect to receive the aid and support to continue their recovery.

Providing services

Organising and maintaining a centre takes a lot of effort. If you have skills that you think will be beneficial to your local Kripa Foundation Centre, contact their office to see how you can help.

Hosting events

If you enjoy planning and hosting events, consider hosting a fundraiser for your local Adult & Teen Challenge center. The money you raise will help provide resources and support for our students.

Volunteer your time today

Volunteering your time provides an immense amount of help to our facilities. If you aren’t sure how you can help but you know you want to volunteer your time, don’t worry! Discover the available opportunities by contacting a center near you.